Martin Top on Twitter: @ChapelTop

I've recently opened a Martin Top Twitter account. Feel free to follow us using @ChapelTop- I’ll follow back. I merely tend to use it to highlight particular blog posts and events on our website, so by not being a member of the Twitterati, you’re missing little.

As well as the additional publicity the account affords, it has better enabled me to see some of the daft things that churches and religious leaders write. From pulpit-thumping American fundies to smugly liberal British church leaders, I must say there’s a lot of disagreeable material in the Twittersphere. Twit may come from Middle English atwiten which means to reproach. I suspect it comes from the early modern epithet ‘want wit’, meaning someone lacking intelligence or wisdom. A wantwit, or twit for short, is someone who mouths off with little thought. Welcome to Twitter.