Monbretia we have growing in our chapel borders. Interestingly, it has a variety called Lucifer (not ours) and features on the list of toublesome weeds:

Monbretia is a hybrid of species originating from South Africa, the hybrid was first introduced from France to the UK in 1880 as a garden plant, escaping into the wild in 1911. It quickly spread throughout the 20th Century. Once established the species can dominate areas outcompeting native flora. Bulblike organs called corms provide the plant with energy, the plant is able to regenerate from this material. The plant is widespread over much of the UK but more common in western areas.

Despite its Satanic connections and weed-like reputation, I am rather fond of it. Nevertheless, the real devil’s influence and powers seem to spread quickly and thickly if not prevented and opposed. A trowel and some energic digging will soon remove monbretia if its presence proves too imposing; James offers this advice for Old Nick:

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. (4:7)

The devil flees not from resistant saints but from the great God to whom they have submitted and yielded. A consecrated believer is of more threat to the demons than any babbling exorcist or super-apostle.