Mr. John Robertson of Sedbergh

I was recently given a cutting from a newspaper dated 13th June, 1912. It was found in one of our member’s family Bibles, having once belonged to a godly grandmother. I imagine she knew the gentleman in question and kept the article as a keepsake. Although it is said he led many to Christ and attracted several thousands to hear him preach in the open air at Morecambe, I dare say that leading his own mother to Christ was one of his happiest acts.

Whereas it is true that we hold our relatives and friends in higher regard than strangers or enemies, the God of heaven beloved Nineveh even while Jonah despised them. Nevertheless, the special love we bear our parents and children is some token of that divine affection for which God has for those who do not know him. May we keep praying for our loved ones and associates, that we may speak to them of God’s saving love, with both words and actions.

JUNE 13, 1912.

A Local Preacher for 74 Years. Mr. John Robertson, of Sedbergh, Yorkshire, is probably the oldest local preacher in active work in this country. He was born in the year 1814 at Orton, in Westmoreland, and so is now ninety-eight years old. As a boy he attended the village school, and so impressed his master that he was anxious for him to go to college: but his father had not the means to send him. He was converted in a united mission conducted by the Baptists, the Wesleyans, and the Primitive Methodists, and thereupon joined the Wesleyans, but after a time he associated with the Primitive Methodists. At the age of twenty-four he became & local preacher, and for sixty-two years his name has been on the circuit plan of the district, in which he now lives. This is a hilly district, and involves long journeys to reach the different preaching-places at which he ministers. He can still read and write without glasses, has a splendid voice, and is an excellent preacher. Only a short time ago he preached three times one Sunday, and once at Morecambe, in the open air, 3,000 people listened to his message with rapt attention. He spoke with marvellous power, and hundreds of people waited their turn to shake hands with him. Wherever he preaches, large numbers attend his ministry. He has been the means of leading many souls to Christ, and, much to his joy and thankfulness, he was instrumental in the conversion of his own mother.

Newspaper unknown.