Mungo Jumbo

I was at St Kentigern’s Church at Caldbeck in Cumbria last month. It was here in the sixth century that St Kentigern was said to have preached. In the church yard, there is the remains of a cross shaft, which may have marked the spot. Although I cannot speak about the Sunday services that take place there, I was disappointed that there was little gospel witness within. There was information boards on climate change and caring for wildlife, but little on how I prepare for death and standing before my Maker.

Why is this seen as such a low priority by so many parish churches and nonconformist chapels? Do they think Kentigern (aka St Mungo) preached about climate change? Or table manners? Or the benefits of having a tidy house? No, he preached how the great God of heaven had reached down to our world that our sins might be forgiven through Christ’s shed blood. Is having a display board on that too much to ask? Hull Minster manages it- see the bottom picture. When we stand before Him to give account, I would rather be vicar of Hull than vicar of Caldbeck.