Murder Begins at Home

The UN and others are bemoaning the UK’s reduction of contribution towards foreign abortions. The BBC uses that favourite euphemism in its headline:

Foreign aid: UK cuts its pledge to UN family planning by 85%

Although some of the money would have been spent on contraception and education, the money was also earmarked for terminations. The executive director of the UN’s ‘Population Fund’, Dr Natalia Kanem, estimated the lost money (£130 million) would have helped prevent "14.6 million unintended pregnancies and 4.3 million unsafe abortions".

What she fails to realise is that we have our own ‘procured miscarriages’ to fund. We cannot commit to paying for worldwide abortions when our own mass infanticide programme requires funding in these tough times. When it comes to ending life, British children must come first; murder begins at home.