New Anglican Bishops: Pawns, Queens & Rooks

At our last Church Meeting, we voted to re-arrange the way we are structured from next year. It would seem that the dear old Church of England has had a similar itch. The age-old model of diocesan bishop may be on its way out. Instead of its senior clergy taking a portion of England for his or her attention, they may now be forming a 'cabinet', with particular bishops being spokespersons for certain topics, the two examples cited being 'Brexit Bishop' or 'Covid Bishop', in the consultation document. Consequently, certain dioceses would have to merge and new senior 'regional' bishops would oversee larger areas (isn’t that called an archbishop??). Being a helpful fellow and ever optimistic that members of the Anglican hierarchy will deign to read my words, I below suggest the kind of new episcopal responsibilities of which they are likely to approve. So in addition to the Brexit Bishop and the Covid Bishop, let me propose:

The Climate Change Bishop

The LGBTQ+ Affairs Bishop

The Bishop for Closing Churches and Merging More Parishes

The Black Lives Matter Bishop

The Bishop for Theological Doubt

The Bishop for Interfaith Worship

The Bishop for Sexual Identity

The Bishop for Feminist Rights

The Bishop of Veganism

Bishop without Portfolio, to keep abreast of any unexpected bandwagons

Good luck to them; they are going to need it.

Image by Onur Sarıtaş from Pixabay