New Variant

The media and the chattering classes who enjoy sharing their opinions online are again excited by the prospect of further lockdowns, mandatory masks and endless rounds of further vaccination. A new variant has been found, with several cases already in the country. I’m no immunologist, but even I know that varying and mutating is what viruses do well. As soon as the country settles down, up goes another hue and cry. Another variant. Another panic. Another set of measures designed to make the government look proactive. And we the people go along with it.

I have been bored of this routine for some time now. This virus is like a cyclone, a heatwave, a snowfall. Let us learn to live with it rather than trying to defeat it. This fallen world is all unbalanced and hazardous. Having opted out of God’s perfection, we must live with this cacophony of imperfection. Till the new heavens and earth are made, we must live in the same neighbourhood as viruses and natural disasters. Pretending we can hide from them or outsmart them is fallacious.

Image by Elliot Alderson from Pixabay