Owlerton Evangelical Church

I was much encouraged last weekend, having preached at Owlerton Evangelical Church in the Hillsborough area of Sheffield. It was once pastored by the great Brian Cocker, but over the past few years, attendance had fallen and I did wonder if its time was come. I last preached there before I entered my own pastorate, so three years later, it’s good to see larger numbers, genuine conversions and the activities of a church-based evangelist. John Diggle, who’s been pastor there as long as I have been at Salem, is sound of doctrine and struck me as being a man not lacking wisdom. I hope he’ll come over to us to preach next year.

Here is a church that loves the Bible, loves people and loves the Lord Jesus. If I were moving to Sheffield, it wouldn’t be to the big churches I’d go, but to this one. Its website is here:  http://www.owlertonevangelicalchurch.org.uk . It’s so good to see growth and hope in the days in which we live.