Palindromic Thoughts

Today is 22/02/2022, which is a palindrome: the same backwards as well as forwards. Furthermore, I have published this at 22.02 and 22 seconds, which makes it 22022022 22022022 (if you take my word for it that I pressed ‘publish’ on 22/100th of a second). 

In the Bible but there are 10 palindromic names: Eve, Ada, Nun, Hannah, Asa, Ara, Gog, Ono, Abba and Anna. Here is a palindromic thought, to which I give David Earnshaw the credit: God comes to us through Jesus; it is only through Jesus that any of us can come to God.

And another thought. You will never get this day again. So seek the Lord while He may be found, for tomorrow, the opportunity may be gone. 

Image by Angel Glen from Pixabay