Pastor No More

To what is extent is the pastor responsible for the spiritual well-being of his church people? One pastor I know says he is only responsible for his members. Any who are not in membership have not submitted to his ministry and are not therefor his pastoral concern. Perhaps this would work in a church in which membership is vitally important, without which one cannot serve and which the pastor pushes at every opportunity. We are not such a church.

Is he responsible for those who attend, members or no. This is my preference. They who worship with us, who hear the word preached, who partake of the bread and wine, and may even give financial support, should be the pastor’s concern. But what of those who stop coming? From time to time, people will just disappear. I make will send a text message or an email, make a call, send a note or card, but sometimes I hear nothing back at after all that. When do they stop being my responsibility? When will the Lord no longer charge me with their blood?

Image by Gaertringen from Pixabay