Pentematic Terminology (With Translations).


The anointing is upon me! My Christian faith is going well.

I have a word from the Lord! A thought has occurred to me. Would you like me to share it?

I lost my anointing! I am having a bad day.

The Lord is moving here! Things are going well at church.

The Lord spoke to me! I read my Bible last night.

Let’s give the Lord a mighty hand of praise. Let’s give ourselves a clap.

I declare in the name of Jesus, I declare in the name of Jesus! Dear Lord, please would you do something for me?

Sickness, I demand you depart! You have no authority here, sickness! Lord, please heal me, or give me the strength to bear.

I have been moving in the prophetic. I have been reading a good Christian book.

I've been moving in the heavenlies. I had a weird dream last night. 

Touch not the Lord's annointed! Don't criticise me even when I'm in the wrong.