The People Sigh

Why do politicians cling to power, hanging on at all expense? Although I sense the media is gunning for Mr Johnson, it is clear that his own errors of judgement are providing them with a constant supply of new muck to throw at him. Although Mrs Thatcher and Mr Blair clung on for longer than was good for them, the current mood in politics reminds me of 1995. Then, John Major's unpopular government, mired with sleaze, limped on ahead of a huge defeat at the polls. Sir Keir Starmer’s boringness is being rendered a most attractive virtue by the current First Lord’s carelessness and imprecision.

Studying Politics is a wonderful reminder of our need for good governance and the infrequency with which we enjoy it. Messrs Sunak’s and Javid’s departures are likely to summon a leadership challenge in which Mr Johnson’s victory is most unlikely. The next leader is likely to better than him, but ultimately, as great a disappointment, regardless of party or wing. They who live without God’s government are condemned to suffer the rule of fools, charlatans and crooks.