Pink Sky

I took this shot by my front door on my way to work. The red, pinkish sky portends poor weather. Wise folk have known this for years, as well as a red night sky heralding fine weather the next morn. The signs are there, it’s the wisdom down below which is wanting.

The wise in the first century knew Messiah was coming. The old prophets and seers had seen Him mistily from afar, yet many of His own received Him not. The virgin was with child, a baby cried from Bethlehem, the son from Egypt was recalled, but still the busy population of Judea failed to recognise the signs. As our own generation busily re-writes morality and spiritual truth to suit its own foibles, so many fail to see the signs of Christ’s pending return. The purpose of His two comings may differ- one to save, the other to judge- but the unpreparedness of our race remains the same.  

So you also, when you see all these things, know that it is near—at the doors!

Matthew 24:33