Pro Rogues

Once again, our country is in turmoil. More accurately, those people with an above-average interest in politics are upset, and those with the leisure and inclination to go to London. A great many more don’t care or haven’t noticed. The Prime Minister is planning to prorogue parliament. For die-hard Brexiteers, this is a clever way to bypass a largely Remain talking shop with its tricks and slights of hand. For die-hard Remainers, it spells the end of our democracy with one Labour MP calling for the abolition of the monarchy; the Scottish leader has called it the start of ‘dictatorship’.

In reality, it’s rather less exciting. Parliament is usually suspended every year to accommodate the party conferences. On account of Brexit, this parliament has never experienced it since the last general election, making it the longest session since the 1650s. Apart from the annual conferences, Clement Atlee prorogued it back in 1948 to usher in Lords’ reform, but the feverish voices of social media don’t seem to be aware of this.  

Still, let us review the situation. Parliament is being silenced and hamstrung by royal prerogative, while hysterical Remainers threaten civil disobedience on the streets. Brexiteers who claim to stand for the sovereignty of the British Parliament seem either pleased or acquiescent than this venerable institution has been gagged and blindfolded. British democracy was once seen as the most stable in the world, disinclined to revolution and unused to teetering, continental style coalitions or South American coups. Whatever the Brexit vote achieved, there is no doubt it has revealed hidden fractures and fault lines in our system of government.

So are we on the eve of some major crisis, or is this just another trivial twist in our torturous exit from the political union of Europe? Time will tell. We Christians must not be troubled by political events one way or another, for our eyes are on Christ and His coming kingdom, not the waxing and waning kingdoms of this world.  

The Lord has established His throne in heaven,

And His kingdom rules over all.

Psalm 103:19