The Queen, a Golden Piano and Heaven

Her Majesty the Queen’s Christmas speech was well received by my family; calling us to remember Christ at Christmas and to pull together as a nation, was a message much needed. Thoughtless persons, encouraged by The Daily Mirror, criticised the Queen for giving her speech in front of a gold piano. Instead of listening to her sentiments about having respect for others, the online Twitter mob hailed her hypocrisy and spite for daring to possess such an object. I’m guessing it must have only just occurred to them that someone who lives in a palace is likely to have lots of shiny things. Buckingham Palace, of course, belongs to the nation. The building, along with its contents, are given to the Queen for her use, but their title remains with the people she serves. 

It struck me as deeply ironic that her message- which was incredibly relevant to our fractured and divided communities- was largely ignored, while some background furniture became the focus of attention. This is why non-believers won’t be admitted to heaven. They’d enjoy gazing and remarking on the glory, the angels, the incredible lighting, and the beautiful music- but the King of heaven they would scarcely consider. They ignored Him on earth, they’d ignore Him in heaven. Perhaps His beauty would momentarily catch their selfish attentions. They might admire the seven stars in His hand or the glow of His limbs, but they’d pay scant regard to the wounds in hands and feet, and the fiery love burning in His eyes.

Those people who look beyond the King to see a golden piano are not fit to keep His company. Heaven will be an overwhelmingly awesome home for every believer, not for its splendour and magnificence, but because of Christ’s presence.