Quentin Letts: Unconceited Legitimacy

Have I just found the prophet of our times? Regular readers will know I care little for self-appointed prophets, but the one I have in mind appoints himself to nothing. Social commentator would be the correct way to describe him; exposer of modern Britain’s nonsense and stupidity would be even more accurate. I’ve just read Quentin Letts’ Patronising Bastards. Ok, so it’s not a book title normally recommended by a nonconformist minister, but the point behind it- that we are run by a self-serving, virtue-signalling elite of managerial nonentities, is certainly correct. Barely a wealthy, powerful hypocrite escapes Letts’ withering scrutiny, from Tony Blair and Richard Branson to the BBC and our universities. His incisive and hilarious observations of modern Britain confirm what many sensible people have been thinking for some time, though he is rather more articulate and forthright. 

Although a controversialist, the man clearly has a deep respect for Christianity and its national contribution, he being an Anglican church warden as well as political sketch writer for The Times. It’s refreshing to read someone like him, who laughs at the self-righteous, finger-wagging PC brigade.

Unusually, I felt the need to contact him to share my relief at having found his book. He kindly replied, thanking me for boosting his morale. If I helped him a little for having helped me so much, I got the better bargain.

Copies of the book may be found here, though it’s available at all good bookshops, though probably not at universities or Islington.