Retirement Village

I went to visit an elderly person this weekend. She lives in a ‘retirement village’, which is a rather posh euphemism for an old folks’ home. Costing between 2-3 thousand pounds each month, it is probably at the top end of the comfort scale, with its beautiful furnishings, thick-pile carpets and handy bistro with full-time chef. It might be a more salubrious establishment than the likes of me are likely to inhabit, but it is still just a kind of waiting room. My friend, who is a believer, explained to a fellow resident that she was ready to die. “You must not say that!”, exclaimed the other lady. Perhaps that second person isn’t ready- but the summons will come, ready or not.

We in the godless West have huge complexes dedicated to holding older people until such time as they leave their bodies. Some are gilded, others rather plain and utilitarian- but the same subpoena arrives: ENTER ETERNITY. It isn’t the quality of the waiting room that matters, it’s where you end up. Those found in Christ go to heaven to be with Him; those who rejected Him on earth will enter an eternity also without Him.