School of Supernatural Life

I was recently handed a leaflet entitled: EQUIP School of Supernatural Life, Lancashire. Well as a pastor in Lancashire, this ought to be of great interest to me. It appears to be a training course lasting nine months, from the ‘Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry’. 

On the inside front cover is a nice-looking lady called Janet. She smiles reassuringly. The caption explains that she is the ‘Director of the school’, and is herself a ’graduate’ of ‘Activate School of Supernatural Ministry’ in Harrogate. So many schools of ministry! I quote below, in bold, some sections of the leaflet:

This course is for you if you want to:

  • Discover your amazing identity in Jesus
  • Grow in your relationship with God
  • Be stretched and learn to step out in faith
  • Learn to hear God’s voice and prophesy to others
  • Discover what it means to bring heaven to earth and transform your community

I’d have thought that all of these noble ambitions would be realised through regular Bible study and service in the local church- but no, this is what one gains by attending the course.

Students will be encouraged to grow in areas such as prophecy, healing and words of knowledge in a fun and safe environment…

I thought prophesying and healing were spiritual gifts, given by God as He sees fit- not awarded to graduates of a training course who have paid their fees. True prophesying is seldom fun and never safe- think of Jeremiah down his well or Elijah hunted on Mount Carmel. 

…where they can learn to take risks without fear of failure.

Is this because of God’s grace, or because so many people give erroneous words?

 ‘Our aim is to release individuals into a life of adventure with the Holy Spirit…

Living for Christ in this dark world is an adventure alright, but why do we need releasing into it? 

The cost of the course is £300 for the tuition- which includes ‘a school manual, but not the cost of required reading books’. In addition, there’s a £25 application fee which is ‘non-refundable’. The total sum may be paid in instalments, but the course organisers require all the cheques in advance, post-dated. They’re taking no chances with people who wish to ‘be stretched and learn to step out in faith’.

I intend to investigate further the Bethel School of International Ministry and its daughter, the Activate school of Supernatural Ministry at Harrogate.