Secular Misgivings

Despite the national emergency our country is facing, the bores at the National Secular Society have seen fit to begin a new campaign. Troubled by ‘religious staff’ being included in the government’s list of ‘key workers’, they are attempting to have this changed. They assume that sending children to school during this period is some kind of privilege and the envy of the other parents. In reality, few at my own school have taken up the offer despite a disproportionately high number of our parents being doctors. Doubtless, they’d prefer their children safely quarantined at home. 

This campaign aside, one wonders what secularism and atheism has to offer in terms of hope and comfort. Indeed, one might go further. They who bow down at the altar of natural selection, who idolise the workings of evolution and the survival of the fittest, ought to be pleased with the virus, no? In one fell swoop, Corona is eliminating the weakest, the oldest and the least productive from society. This will safeguard precious resources for the strong and the young, instead of squandering them on those unable to reproduce.

The Christian, on the other hand, believes all life is precious regardless of its ability to reproduce, live independently or offer net contribution. Deep down, we all- including our nation's secularists- know that life is precious, but without acknowledging a creator God, this belief is deeply puzzling.