Seeing Red

This year, rainbow poppies have been available to wear. That’s right, you can now brag about your wokeness and equality credentials by hijacking the traditional symbol of remembrance in order to display your love for all things LGBT. Defenders of this latest intrusion of sexual identity into our culture justify it on the grounds of homosexual soldiers who went off to fight. I have no doubt that this is true, yet is not the red poppy a symbol of all those who fought and fell? Must we once more separate and define people- including dead soldiers- on the basis of our society’s current sexual obsessions?

I for one am content that LGB people are tolerated and not needlessly prosecuted. Adultery was once a criminal offence and I see few Christians or social conservatives campaigning for the civil magistrate to punish these offenders. All sinners will answer to God; actions forbidden in His word will be accounted for, regardless of the state’s recognition or diligence. Still, this constant boasting and vaunting of sexual attraction is little more than Western self-indulgence. Truly, we are living in the days of Lot, when sex and sexuality pervade every aspect of life. 

Today we remember all our Fallen- regardless of colour, orientation, religion, gender or opinions.