The Sparrow Hawk & the Window

Lucy F, a Christian friend and no stranger to Martin Top, recently heard a thump on her window. Upon investigation, she discovered a dazed sparrow hawk on the ground. It had flown into the glass and was momentarily dead to the world. She was able to pick it up and take some photographs before releasing it back to its hunting grounds. She’s a stunning bird; her bright yellow eyes and beak of prey exude a haughty pride even in this humbling circumstance. 

The sparrow hawk population has grown but the RSPB is naturally at pains to draw no certain links between this and the decline in songbird numbers. Sparrow hawks are some of our most successful hunters; small and agile enough to hunt in gardens, strong enough to feast on thrushes and even wood pigeons. Yet they, too, can be fooled. Despite their keen vision, Lucy’s window was unseen, and this comely huntress was herself taken captive.

The Bible includes a number of instances in which wise and godly people are deceived and come close to crashing. Nathan wrongly affirms David’s desire to build the temple; Samuel would have chosen Eliab to succeed Saul given his own way; Solomon himself, the wisest mortal to have lived, was led astray by his pagan wives. If wise kings and genuine prophets are in danger of flying into glass windows, how much more we who are foolish?

For you have delivered my soul from death, yes, my feet from falling, that I may walk before God in the light of life.

Ps 56:13 (ESV)