Squirrels of Martin Top

I have never actually seen one, though one worshipper, while walking his dog before the service, saw one clearly enough. Instead, I see the evidence of them as I open up the chapel on a Sunday morning. Some planters which have bee laden with spring bulbs have been dug up, their contents scattered or chewed up, compost strewn about. Squirrels have been regarding our planters as their personal pantries or fast food outlet. Much I love wildlife, I would much prefer they found their sustenance elsewhere, and left our tulips well alone.

Few Christians have met the devil. He is generally too busy to give them his personal attention, much less to gratify them with an appearance. Yet his handiwork is clear enough- dissension, inclination to disobedience, anaemic prayers and spiritual decline. So often, the burglar’s visit is detected by items’ absence and the whiff of his cheap aftershave than by actually seeing him set about his work. The best burglars are never observed; the worst devils are seldom detected till the damage be done.

nor give place to the devil. Eph 4:27

Top image by Alastair Newton from Pixabay