Standing Out to Customers

Salem Chapel’s website comes up well on Google searches. From time to time, the corporation sends me emails, offering hints and special offers regarding how our online presence might be better. For a small chapel in a small village in a small country, I think our cyber-presence is perfectly adequate, though I always note the experts’ recommendations with interest. Google Corp’s most recent admonishment is this:


We are not women-led, and though I would welcome all people to Christ, regardless of sexual orientation, I think the folk at Google would not think us sufficiently LGBTQ+ friendly. I clicked the link, but there were no other desirable attributes available to claim. I cannot add these to our online sales patter, but this is what I would have ticked were the options available:

  • Faithful to God’s word, even when it is unpopular
  • Teaching the age-old gospel
  • Seeking to bring all people to Christ
  • Desiring to submit all our lives to Him

In this day and age, these would make us stand out as a church, though I’m not sure our friends at Google would approve.