For Such a Time as That

A certain politician appeared at Word Alive this year. This individual is tipped to become a national leader in the next few years so we were asked not to share details, an injunction I here observe. She belongs to a political party which I consider to be the most secular, anti-Christian and ‘progressive’ in the British Isles- a title for which there is strong competition. Having low expectations and otherwise disagreeing with much politically she stands for, it was clear that this person is a real Christian who refuses to compromise on such things as transgenderism and abortion. Having made this assessment, I had to reconcile her membership of that group. Perhaps the same might be pondered of Daniel, who effectively led that most pagan of empires- Babylon. Esther was queen of demonic Persia, and Naaman a high-ranking soldier in idolatrous Syria. We should remember that the Lord appoints many of His people to difficult positions in dubious settings. This week, I prayed for this politician that, despite our differences, the Lord might afford protection and blessing.