Sweet Fog

Last week, a fairly thick fog seemed to cover our northern shires. On the A65, it was bad enough to cause some drivers to go ridiculously slow, though not quite so bad, frustratingly, to warrant switching on their fog lights. Up in Cumbria, this fog somehow added to the districts’ natural beauty. Of course a thick pea-soup allows no vision at all, but a more modest mist strangely enhances the landscape. Like a professional photographer with a penchant for sepia and black & white shots, hiding some features better emphasises the beauty of the rest.

In this life, the Lord hides from view His glorious radiance and awesomely spectacular beauty. Upon such, we are not yet suffered to gaze. Instead, we must focus upon His grace which we daily receive as we wrestle with sin and temptation. Those of His attributes, like patience and mercy, which would scarcely be considered in heaven, are the more greatly appreciated right now on account of His other attributes’ concealment.