Tartin Mop: God like me

Dear friends,

It is so important that we at Ichabod Chapel move away from the old stereotypical view of God as an elderly, white male; this is so unhelpful and misleading. All too often, God in the Bible is portrayed in ways which we today find unacceptable and out of order. It is far better to imagine God in other ways, informed by our greater scientific knowledge and more acceptable cultural understandings. I see God as a little overweight; has long, luxuriant hair dyed green and black; who has large, hooped earrings and enjoys stroking her cats all night. Funny that, because that makes God a lot like me. But that’s pretty good, because I like me a lot.

Yours Wokely,

Rev Dr Ms Alana Denmars (she/hers), Ichabod Chapel, Tartin Mop