Team Maple Syrup

The East Lancashire Hospital NHS Trust’s Twitter account has been excitedly celebrating its ‘Maple Team’. This group assists diabetics with pregnancy, as their condition presumably complicates a situation already fraught with difficulty. The Tweet explains that they have ‘had training to strengthen and develop their knowledge’. Great. But oh, what’s this? The additional support they are offering is for ‘pregnant people’. We used to call such people ‘women’, but they don’t exist anymore. Anyone, according to the new ideology, can become pregnant; your biological sex need be no barrier.

I think we can guess what kind of ‘training’ this health team has been receiving. I would personally be wary of trusting my healthcare to an organisation which evidently puts ideology ahead of biology, subscription to the latest fad ahead of plain fact. God made man and woman. Woman He blessed with the potential to reproduce. What the Bible declares as fact, our society increasingly denies, and has 'changed the truth of God into a lie'.