Theresa Mayhem

As I write this, Prime Minister Theresa May is facing a vote of no confidence called by her own MPs. She needs 159 of them plus 1 to remain Prime Minister. If she fails to receive that level of support, she must go. If she only just scrapes that number, she will be pressured to resign. In a parliamentary democracy, the ordinary voters do not directly elect our head of government, as Americans do their president. Tonight’s vote of confidence may result in the promotion of our 76th Prime Minister.

May has not impressed me with her ‘deal’ to leave the EU. We seem to be handing over a great deal of money for very little in return. Her negotiations began with her telling the EU that she was determined to leave with a deal. So like most good businessmen, they increased the price but not the quality of their product. Instead, she should have put her demands on the table, and informed them that she was prepared to walk away without paying a penny. So against her are pitted the most pro-Brexit MPs and people, as well as the most committed Remainers, who would sooner ignore the referendum and remain in the Union. I would normally be glad to be rid of such a Prime Minister; her deal looks pretty shabby and her competence limited.

On the other hand, the Labour Party does not resemble a government in waiting. Corbyn received the resignation of his one hundredth shadow minister last week. That means that 40% of Labour MPs are ex-members of his cabinet who for various reasons felt unable to serve under him. This is not very encouraging, considering he may be in 10 Downing Street within a couple of months.

So between Theresa Dee and Jeremy Dum, there’s not much to choose. When our nation most needs strong and wise leadership, we seem to have neither. I thank God my time in this country is but hair’s breadth of my existence; if I thought this life was the only one I had, and that Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn were the only choice of leaders, I’d sink into a spiral of depression. No, I put my trust in Him upon whose shoulders the government of the entire universe is carried, and whose kingdom will one day cover the earth.