Through a glass darkly

Recently I have become aware of how unobservant I am!  Having been seriously shortsighted from early childhood I probably choose to justify my lack of interest in my surroundings by recalling the too many years of stubborn refusal to wear those dreadful pink glasses with springy ear hooks. Out of self consciousness  - you understand - and the dread of that playground soubriquet - 'specky four-eyes', oh and pride perhaps!

High definition is a wonderful thing and due to a patient and very observant husband, I am learning to discern depth of field and sharp images as distinct from the blurry backgrounds with which I have been perfectly content all my life.  Take, for instance the plethora of wild life programmes which come alive with high definition, bringing such enrichment and appreciation of this wonderful world in which we live with it's diversity of terrain, species and geology. Marvellous!

it occurs to me that clarity of vision can be applied spiritually as we watch such programmes as David Attenborough's presentations.  Unwittingly he shows us a clearer glimpse of the type and shadow of the new creation awaiting us. This dying world, depleted of it's resources through mismanagement and selfish greed, tired and approaching its end, yet delights us and reveals new insights into the wonders of God's immeasurable creation.  How much more awaits His people beyond our earthly existence.

Doesn't it thrill you to consider the truth that we shall really SEE everything when at last we are with Christ in glory! With perfect eyesight physically and spiritually we will see Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the indescribable setting of an everlasting Eden! And we won't be squinting in the light of the Son!  We'll see the Apostles and disciples; the great giants of the bible who prophesied to Israel, under their kings and judges, before the new covenant in Christ.  i confidently believe we'll see Jeremiah smiling!  Then there'll be those faithful evangelists and preachers who stood up and defied the wiles of Satan in their day, past present and to come.  There will be those whose pain and suffering inspired believers down the ages through their witness to God's grace in adversity. We'll see those among those we have lived in this life, worshipped and enjoyed precious fellowship, grown up and been taught the gospel. And they will all see us.

Our eyes will see Jesus first and foremost. He will draw our attention and engross us with joy as we finally understand the truth of His loveliness - the Word in substance and fulfilment of those types and shadows. And God the Father will receive us in Christ our righteousness.

Whilst our days here are precious and profitable, surely we can all say - "I can hardly wait!"