Tony Brown: New Apostles and Old Pharisees

Our mid-week meeting last week was taken by Tony Brown, previously known to us as a cults investigator. This time, he spoke of falsehoods within the churches, especially the pernicious influence of Bethel Church in California, and the New Apostolic Reformation movement of which it is part. False teaching, like leaven and cancer, grows and spreads while the Body sleeps. Pentecostal churches seem to be worst infected by these crooked teachings, which speak of ‘grave soaking’, ‘moving in the spirit realm’, ‘releasing anointing’ and other examples of spiritual mumbo-jumbo. 

Tony suggested that we who oppose such theology are likely to be accused of being pharisees. Interestingly, the Lord Jesus never faulted the Pharisees’ theological understanding. It was their rigid adherence to petty rules and hypocritical living that earned His displeasure. So the next time you are called pharisaic on account of your biblical beliefs, consider it a compliment.

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