Torpenhow Mission: As Thy Days

In the Cumberland village of Torpenhow (pronounced “Tre-penna” for reasons unknown to this writer) is an old mission hall, now rather predictably converted into a dwelling. It was erected by the Country Towns Mission, an organisation that seems to have stopped trading quite some time ago. Nowadays, it is often faithful country folk who must take gospel light to our godless cities. Its hall still stands, and boasts a sundial, which has upon it:

As thy days so shall thy strength be

-quoting Deuteronomy 33:25. It is a good text for a sundial. Thereon, the Lord promises His people that all the strength they need, they shall receive:

When their days be dark and evil, and they weak and feeble, so shall their strength increase.

When their days be long and weary, so shall their strength be appropriate.

When their future days’ difficulties be unknown and daunting, so shall their strength be sufficient.

When their days shall be cut short, so shall their heaven-sent strength be enough to get to the finish.