Trumped Out

I’m a little sad that Donald Trump wasn’t re-elected. Someone has stopped talking to me for having made this claim. My ad-libbing, bypassing the Guardian-sponsored script is an unforgivable sin among the educated members of Britain’s lower-middle class. On a personal level, I found him pretty revolting and his petulant legal challenge to the election result is worthy of an African banana republic. Yet he was less militaristic than Saint Barak and he spoke up for the poor whites of rust-belt America, which once depended on now non-existent manufacturing jobs. For those who consider him racist, it is worth noting that that his support among Black and Latino voters increased. He was no cloned politician, which Mr Biden, though rather more likeable, may turn out to be. Furthermore, President Trump played the pro-life card. Although I doubt his sincerity on most things, including this, his speaking up for the unborn was a refreshing contrast to the murderous consensus to have choked British politics for a generation.

Well my little sadness is nothing compared to the embarrassment for the likes of Paula White and the host of American false prophets which seem to have stuck to Trump like chewing gum to a sole. In the video below, Ms White is calling on angels to come and fight the demonic forces which are keeping Trump out of the White House. After Biden won key states, she accused a network of demons from rigging the election. It sure makes a change from those pesky Russians. Even more bizarre than the chap who keeps walking past her reading the paper, is her commanding angels from South America and South Africa to leave whatever they’re up to so they might alter the direction of the polls. Perhaps the angels were busy. Perhaps too many American believers were pinning their hopes on the Donald rather than the Christ; White is on record claiming that saying no to Trump was saying no to God.

American affairs, and therefore world affairs, may now seem a little more normal, with another white-haired Washington insider back at the helm. I wonder if a sovereign God acquiesced in DJT's defeat to expose the prophetic charlatans who idolised him. Their abilities to summon angels, thwart demons and realise their desires by merely declaring them in quivering voice are exposed for the frauds and lies that they are, something believers of a sounder bent have known all along.


Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay