Useful Wars

The current Prime Minister, Mr Johnson, is under increasing pressure. Allegations of illegal parties and insensitivity to the Queen while imposing rules we were all expected to obey have done much to damage his previously impervious reputation. It is at times like this that national leaders like nothing more than nice foreign war. When Kaiser Bill wished to distract attention from domestic failings and the rise of socialism, events in Serbia proved most welcome back in 1914. Back in 1982, our Mrs T and Argentina’s General G realised the Falklands could provide a welcome boost to sagging poll ratings (though I do not doubt MT's sincerity). President Putin’s amassing of troops along the Ukrainian border is already sending ripples around the globe, with world leaders secretly sensing the wonderful opportunities it might bring, or the terrible costs they might incur. Wars and rumours of wars shall characterise our age until the Prince of Peace returns. Let us still pray that the men violence are restrained and that unpopular leaders see little advantage in weighing in.