The Virus at the BBC

The woke young liberals who work for the BBC have been scratching their heads. Deprived of the opportunity to whine about Brexit (back in the good old days, this was the word we got sick of hearing), the coronavirus story has all but dominated the news. How can they reasonably be expected to bang the drum of their liberal agenda with only one health-related story affecting the whole world at the same time? Well rest assured, these bright young things with their recently awarded degrees have come up with the answer. On yesterday’s BBC website, they ran a piece detailing the tragedy of young urban millennials like themselves who have been forced to move back home because of the virus. One of them, who understandably remained anonymous, described his horror at having to move back in with parents who were, and I quote, ‘strictly Christian’. These people are clearly homophobic and resent their son’s lifestyle which they claim is ‘caused by the devil’. These aren’t caricatures at all, really, they’re not. Of the other people mentioned, none of them moved in with ‘strictly Muslim’ parents, because young BBC copy writers have been well trained to avoid criticising Islam or other minority religions. So in the midst of a world pandemic, the dear old BBC still manages to publicise and promote its socially liberal agenda whilst successfully attacking what was once the country’s national religion. Well done, BBC. Even in the midst of a global crisis, you stick to your values unashamedly.

In other news it would appear that only biological males and biological females have been affected by the coronavirus. The 298 other genders of the human race are seemingly immune to it, and report no fatalities whatsoever. It’s a wonder this isn’t another BBC feature exploring the strange reasons why.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay