What Think Ye of Christ?

Some fool used the latest snowfall to write ‘yes’ on my car’s rear window. I wondered at the question. Was it a response to a job offer? An acceptance of a proposal of marriage? An affirmation of a well presented and carefully constructed a priori philosophical deduction? All rather unlikely.

Yet there is a question which demands an answer: “What think ye of Christ?”, asked in Matthew 22:42a. Although this does not allow a simple yes/no response, the choice is still binary. One either accepts Him or rejects/neglects Him; one submits to Him or despises Him. One must give’s one’s answer; to say nothing is to refuse Him. 

What think ye of Christ? is the test

To try both your state and your scheme;

You cannot be right in the rest,

Unless you think rightly of him;

As Jesus appears in your view,

As he is beloved or not,

So God is disposed to you,

And mercy, or wrath are your lot.

-John Newton