Whatever you do...

Last week I visited a Welsh woollen mill. After admiring the patterns, textures and colours of the various blankets, throws and cushions on sale, I went into the weaving room to watch the cloth being made, a fascinating, though noisy, process. After my ears had had enough, I escaped to another room where I watched a video in which different employees talked about their work. And how complicated it turned out to be! My head was soon full of warping, beaming off, and threading; of punch cards and heddles; of green lights and red ones; of special knots and needles. As one of the interviewees remarked, ”People think we just stand at a machine and press a button but there’s a lot more to it than that!” Of course, they were only talking about the weaving process. Before that stage there had been sheep to be cared for, wool to be washed and carded, thread to be spun and dyed… So many people, each with their own tasks – great or small, seen or unseen – to be fulfilled with care and attention.

In our service for the Lord, we each have our own tasks to fulfil, those which He has assigned to us. Whether in the church, in our family, in our neighbourhood, in employment, let us always work for Him faithfully.

And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him… not with eye-service, as men-pleasers, but in sincerity of heart, fearing God. And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ.

Colossians 3.17; 22b-24


There’s a work for Jesus

Ready at your hand,

‘Tis a work the Master

Just for you has planned,

Haste to do His bidding,

Yield Him service true;

There’s a work for Jesus,

None but you can do.


Work for Jesus, day by day,

Serve Him ever, falter never, Christ obey.

Yield Him service, loyal, true:

There’s a work for Jesus none but you can do.


E D Yale