When Justice Calls Them to the Bar

I witnessed some street preaching last month. Unlike some I’ve seen, it was cordial and endearing. Yet so many busy shoppers walked on by. A moment’s notice, a few words caught, the odd chuckle at a joke. Yet that sunny afternoon in Manchester may well come back to haunt them for eternity. Having heard the way to sin’s forgiveness, and the approaching inevitability of death, the warning has been received, the prosecution prepares its case.  

Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by? Lam 1:12


But how will sinners stand and tremble,

When Justice calls them to the bar;

Those that reject his offered mercy,

Their everlasting doom to hear.


See Justice now with indignation,

Calling aloud for sinner's blood:

Those that have slighted offered mercy,

And crucified the son of God.


Depart from me ye cursed sinner!

My face you never more shall see:

Be banished from my peaceful presence,

To endless woe and misery.


Each guilty soul then struck with horror

And anguish throbbing in their breast,

Forever doomed to endless sorrow,

And never more to hope for rest.


Come sinners here's a faithful warning,

Return to Jesus while you may,

For he is ready to forgive you,

Or else you must depart away.


Author unknown, from Divine Hymns, or Spiritual Songs: for the use of religious assemblies and private Christians, 1800