Wild Morning-Glory

In the flat fields in Lincolnshire, I found many examples of wild morning-glory. It is not unlike bindweed, but seems to have a smaller, more delicate flower. There are many articles online suggesting ways of dealing with this plant, which has evidently become the bane of many a gardener:

Morning Glory Control: How To Kill Morning Glory Weeds

Morning Glory Weeds in the Garden can be viewed as a Nemesis

How to Kill Morning Glory in Concentrated Spots

It seems strange that a flower with the name Glory should be associated with destruction and our desire to remove it. I was reminded of the later verses of Isaiah chapter 2. Twice does the prophet write:

And into the crags of the rugged rocks,

From the terror of the Lord

And the glory of His majesty…

He describes the response of sinners on the great Day of Reckoning. To the rebellious and the wicked, the glorious majesty of God will be terrifying and shocking, persuading them to hide in caves and holes. Why? God’s glory is not just the brilliance of His beauty, but the brilliance of His righteousness, which convicts and condemns the sinful instantly. Thank God, the Christian believer, whose sins are covered, and his heart washed, shall one day gaze upon God’s brilliant majesty with impunity.