Worth Her Weight in Platinum

Last Lord’s Day, we prayed for our Queen and the government that rules in her name. That day marked the seventieth year of her accession to the throne. As our current crop of politicians demonstrate with such skill, having a non-political head of state is a real blessing. In this seventieth regnal year, I pray God’s blessing upon her, that she prepares to meet her King as she is bound to do, and that the nation in her absence might stay the moral decline which characterised her reign. It is with some irony that I consider Her Majesty’s life one of sincere Christian morality and piety, while the nation over which she reigned descended into this moral vacuum and spiritual wilderness we currently inhabit. At other times, monarchs have been personally dissolute (eg George IV, James I) while the nation was spiritually great. In ancient Israel and Judah, the piety or impiety of the kings was certainly reflected by their respective subjects; our generation has no such excuse. We murder the unborn, de-gender the ones we never terminated, redefine marriage and worship at the altar of material greed- despite having a godly sovereign whose example we might have heeded.

Kings’ daughters are among Your honourable women. Psalm 45:9a

Top image by LoneWombatMedia from Pixabay