Zelda's Gone

Denise Bryer died last week. She provided the voice for someone who almost literally terrorised my childhood: Zelda from Terrahawks. Zelda was really an alien android who was given the skin, hair style and character of a wicked witch, successfully combining several genres of nightmare. She nursed a real hatred of humanity and commanded any number of monsters to help achieve her aims. A Jerry Anderson product, she was quite clearly a puppet- yet an object of fear and fascination to those little minds who tuned in. Deep down, however, we knew that Zelda and her minions could not be permitted to win and destroy the earth. No matter how great her powers and ingenuity, she just had to fail. We are hardwired to know that good triumphs in the end. This comes from our innate awareness that God is good and shall defeat evil. What our tuition fails to communicate is that we are part of that evil which a good God must destroy.

Thank God for the gospel, wherein God destroys evil while rescuing the evil-doer.