Brighton Council & Sussex Police: Spare Time & Cash

Local councils are often bemoaning the lack of funding from central government. As an employee of a county council, I have a vested interest in their being properly resourced. I wonder, however, at the ability and determination of local councils to pursue expensive, politically correct policies aimed at demonstrating their liberal, metropolitan credentials. For this kind of policy, councils always manage to find sufficient funds and goodwill.

Brighton and Hove local authority on the south coast has just issued its employees with badges stating their preferred personal pronouns. This is so the minuscule population of transgender people do not feel insulted by being described as he, or she, or either. The initiative, reports the BBC, is being supported by Sussex Police. I would suggest that if local councils prioritise education and maintaining our roads, and the police tackle actual crime, their annual cries for more cash would fall on less-deaf ears.